Remove Image Background API

Clipping Magic offers the most comprehensive API for removing image backgrounds available on the market. Serious e-commerce operations and value-added design websites alike have integrated with the Clipping Magic API to better meet tight requirements, deadlines, and budgets.

There are three main API integration approaches:

Quick Start Auto Clip

Upload an image to the Clipping Magic API and get a fully clipped result right away.

Great for when you want the simplest possible integration.

Optional: touch up the result as needed with Clipping Magic's Smart Editor.

Quick Start Gehosteter Editor

  1. Upload an image to the Clipping Magic API.

  2. Review and touch-up using the easiest integration of Clipping Magic's Smart Editor and get a production ready result in a single unified flow.

Great for serious e-commerce operations.

Realize significant cost savings by avoiding entire workflows and repeat image touchpoints. While you normally would have to have a completely separate review step and touch-up flow, we are the only solution that can offer you a single-pass workflow with 100% success rate, all thanks to our unique Smart Editor.

Quick Start White-Label-Editor

  1. Upload an image to the Clipping Magic API.

  2. Let your end-users review and edit the result using a white labeled version of Clipping Magic's Smart Editor embedded on your site.

Great for value-add design solutions wanting a deep integration with a full-featured background removal solution.

Easy API + Smart Editor = Awesome

The API is straightforward for your technical team to integrate with, and it exposes all the relevant options to make sure you get a polished, production-ready result, every time.

You can optionally integrate the uniquely capable Smart Editor, either white-label on your site, or have us host it for you - whichever works best for you.